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Privacy Program

Privacy Program – The NIH Privacy Program is responsible for mitigating and managing privacy breaches within NIH, and coordinates with IC Privacy Coordinators across NIH to prevent and manage situations where persons other than authorized users have access, or potential access, to personally identifiable information (PII).

Privacy Program Training Resources

NIH Privacy Awareness Training

NIH staff members are required to complete mandatory Privacy Awareness Training prior to the creation of an active domain account.  They are required to take the Fiscal Year (FY) Privacy Refresher course annually thereafter.  Click to visit both the full and refresher courses at theNIH Information Security and Privacy Awareness Training dashboard.

Additional Training Resources

The Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Legal Education (OLE) website includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to the FOIA
  • Advanced FOIA Seminar
  • The FOIA for Attorneys & Access Professionals
  • FOIA Litigation
  • FOIA Administrative Forum
  • Privacy Act & Provisions of the E-Gove Act Training for Attorneys and Professionals

The USDA Graduate School offers courses that provide an overview of the FOIA and Privacy Acts and teaches you to apply the statutes.

Professional Associations

The American Society of Access Professionals (ASAP) is a nongovernmental, independent, educational, not-for-profit association.  It was founded in 1980 by concerned Federal government employees and private citizens working in the fields of information access through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Privacy Act (PA), and laws and regulations.

ASAP is the leading organization providing quality professional educational programs.  ASAP draws upon the highest caliber of government FOIA and Privacy instructors along with known experts in the public requestor field to teach and discuss common problems in an open-dialogue forum.  Tremendous insight and education are attained by both sides as each learns from the perspective of the other.

The International Association for Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community and resource, helping practitioners develop and advance their careers and organizations manage and protect their data.  More than just a professional association, the IAPP provides a home for privacy professionals around the world to gather, share experiences and enrich their knowledge.  Founded in 2000, the IAPP is a not-for-profit association with more than 10,000 members in 70 countries.  The IAPP helps define, support and improve the privacy profession through networking, education, and certification.

Additional Reference​s

NIH Information Security and Privacy Awareness Training Dashboard
HHS Cybersecurity Program
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Federal Identity Management Website
NIST Special Publications
OMB Memoranda
Privacy Times Newsletter

Privacy Program

Privacy Program Laws, Policies, and Memoranda
Privacy Act
Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)
Privacy Incidents and Breach Response
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IC Privacy Coordinators​​​

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