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​​​​Division of Management Support (DMS)

Division of Management Support (DMS)

Directs and implements a range of NIH management programs, including regulations, records management, privacy activities, delegations of authority, Federal Register, forms management, consulting services, and employee suggestions.


About the Division of Management Support

The Office of Management Assessment (OMA) provides expert advice to the NIH Director on program integrity, risk management, liaison with outside audit organizations, and management support systems. Management support systems developed and maintained by OMA include records management, delegations of authority, the NIH Policy Manual, organizational changes, Federal regulations and notices, and the NIH privacy program. OMA implements NIH-wide programs in each of these areas to safeguard agency assets, preserve public trust in NIH, and provide an administrative infrastructure for the agency.

The OMA is made up of three divisions: the Division of Management Support (DMS), the Division of Risk Management and Audit Liaison (RMAL) and the Division of Program Integrity (DPI). Please follow the links below or to the left for more information about the specific division.​

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The FAIR Act Program (also known as Commercial Service Management) conducts the annual FAIR Act Inventory, performs post competition accountability, provides support for MEO expiration and transition support and provides program management and oversight of Commercial Services Management.

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Delegations of Authority

The NIH Delegations of Authority (DoA) Program, documents and tracks formal delegations of authority from the NIH Director and other senior officials across NIH. These delegations are maintained by the NIH Delegations Officer within DMS, in hard copy and electronically within the NIH Delegations of Authority database.

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Employee Suggestions

The Employee Suggestions Program is part of the HHS Incentive Awards program and was implemented to motivate employees by allowing employees to develop program ideas, leverage improvement suggestions to existing programs or provide ideas for enhancing current technology or saving money.

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Federal Register

The Federal Register is the official journal of the federal government of the United States that contains government agency rules, proposed rules, and public notices.  It is published daily by the Office of the Federal Register (within the National Archives and Records Administration). The NIH Federal Register Liaison edits, certifies, and submits all NIH notices for publication in the Federal Register.

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Forms Management

The Forms Management Program manages NIH all electronic and paper forms for NIH, develops new forms, reviews and approves all new, revised and reprinted forms, updates and maintains the forms website, coordinates changes of NIH forms to IC forms, provides annual updates to HHS of cleared forms and maintains Manual Chapter 1730.

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Manual Chapters

The NIH Policy Manual is comprised of individual Chapters (Manual Chapters) for the purpose of establishing NIH-wide policy in a central, easy to find location for the NIH community.  A Policy shall be included in the NIH Policy Manual if it affects: 1) a significant number of people at NIH; or 2) people outside the policy issuing office. Manual Chapter 1710, “NIH Manual System” establishes the NIH Policy Manual as the primary repository and official mechanism for issuing NIH-wide policy. The NIH Policy Manual and Chapter 1710 ensure that these policies: are developed consistently; undergo proper review and approval; and availability to all employees.

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Organizational Changes

Organizational Change (OC) is an official action to establish, abolish, transfer, consolidate, revise the functions of, change the title of, or realign one or more organizational entities.

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Privacy Program

The Privacy Program protects the information NIH staff collect, store and share by identifying where personally identifiable and sensitive information reside, issuing cohesive policy and procedural documentation, developing privacy awareness training, enhancing communications, and collaborating with multiple stakeholders to secure data and prevent privacy incidents.

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Records Management

The Records Management Program is responsible for overseeing the records program to ensure employees are managing records in accordance with laws, regulations and policies.

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The NIH regulations program manages rulemaking, oversees clearance of outside regulations, and participates in OLPA-led legislative implementation planning and legislative proposals.

Contacting DMS

Division of Management Support

Director, Anna Amar

National Institutes of Health,

Office of Management Assessment

6011 Executive Blvd., Suite 601, MSC 7669

Rockville, MD 20852

Phone: (301) 496-2832 or (301) 496-4606

Fax: (301) 402-0169

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