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Contact Us

Office of Management Assessment (OMA) Directory

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General Contacts

Contact NamePositionEmailPhone
Office of Management AssessmentGeneral info about 496-1873
Meredith SteinActing Director, Office of the Director, 496-1873
Jeff HaydenAssistant Director, 451-3430

Division of Management Support (DMS) Contacts

Contact NamePositionEmailPhone
Charlotte Dick-Shannon, Administrative 496-4606
Anna Amar, Director, DCMOffice of the Division Director, 496-4606
NIH Fair Act Inventory ProgramFAIR 496-4606
NIH Delegations of Authority ProgramDelegations of 496-4606
NIH Federal Register Notices ProgramFederal 496-4606
NIH Forms Management ProgramForms 496-4606
NIH Policy Manual ProgramManual 496-4606
NIH Organizational Changes ProgramOrganizational 496-4606
NIH Privacy ProgramNIH Privacy 496-4606
NIH Records Management ProgramNIH Records 496-4606
NIH Regulations ProgramRegulations 496-4606
NIH Litigation Hold ProgramLitigation 496-4606

Division of Program Integrity (DPI) Contacts

Contact NamePositionEmailPhone
Division of Program Integrity (DPI)General info about 496-5586
Deborah 496-5586
Office of Investigations (OIG) HotlineCan accept allegation over the phone or through email, can be anonymous. (1-800-HHS-TIPS) 447-8477

Risk Management and Audit Liaison (RMAL) Contacts

Contact NamePositionEmailPhone
Risk Management and Audit LiaisonGeneral info about 496-2461
Meredith SteinActing 496-2461
NIH Risk Management ProgramGeneral info about the Risk Management 496-2461
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