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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Privacy Program

Privacy Program – The NIH Privacy Program is responsible for mitigating and managing privacy breaches within NIH, and coordinates with IC Privacy Coordinators across NIH to prevent and manage situations where persons other than authorized users have access, or potential access, to personally identifiable information (PII).


Privacy Coordinators

Primary Privacy Coordinators


CCVorck, Fred
10 Center Drive Room 1C290 Bethesda, MD 451-9408
CITWilliams, Erica 6555 Rock Spring Dr. 3NW 03 Bethesda, MD 402-1775
CSRNair, Prema 6700B Rockledge Drive Room 4628 Bethesda, MD 435-0674
FICSmith, Marcia 31 Center Drive RM B2C05 Bethesda, MD 402-9046
NCATSKennedy, Josephine 9800 Medical Center Drive Rockville, MD 827-0987
NCCIHWoo, Theodore 6707 Democracy Blvd. Room 401 Bethesda, MD 480-9635
NCIMilliard, Suzanne 31 Center Drive RM 10A48 Bethesda, MD 781-3340
NEIPeterson, Trevor 31 Center Drive RM 6A11 Bethesda, MD 496-4334
NHGRICheung, Paul 31 Center Drive Room 4B 39L Bethesda, MD 594-0048
NHLBIManheim, Marianne 6705 Rockledge Dr. Suite 6054 Bethesda, MD 496-9737
NIASimons, Naledi31 Center Drive RM 2C02 Bethesda, MD 402-9177
NIAAABates, Patty 5635 Fishers Lane Room 3063 Bethesda, MD 451-1818
NIAIDSmith, Waquita
5601 Fisher Ln, Room 2B62
 Rockville, MD 20852
NIAMSCosme, Lillian 31 Center Drive RM 5B38 Bethesda, MD 496-8296
NIBIBCheema, Uzma 6707 Democracy Boulevard Suite 200 Bethesda, MD 827-0874
NICHDCallwood, Aubrey 6107B Rockledge Dr. Room 3445C Bethesda, MD 435-6848
NIDASquiers, Chris 6001 Executive Boulevard Room 4179 Bethesda, MD 827-6891
NIDCDBerry, Tommy 31 Center Dr., Room 3C11M Bethesda, MD 827-0884
NIDCRSchaaf, Mark 6701 Democracy Boulevard RM 207E Bethesda, MD 594-2733
NIDDKYager, Kelly 31 Center Drive RM 9A28 Bethesda, MD 594-3056
NIEHSStabile, Regina 111 TW Alexander Drive MD K3-16 Research Triangle Park, NC 287-3354
NIGMSAmarante, Rusinel 45 center Dr., Room 3AN44H Bethesda, MD 594-4481
NIH, OD & NIMHDDade-Vinson, Celeste
6705 Rockledge Dr., Room 601R  Bethesda, MD 20892
NIMHDickens, Jasse 6001 Executive Blvd. Room 7168 Bethesda, MD 827-3331
NINDSPutney, Dvonte 31 Center Drive RM 8A52 Bethesda, MD 435-5281
NINRAlbertini, Brian 6701 Democracy Boulevard RM 731 Bethesda, MD 594-6869
NLMLe, Vivian
8600 Rockville Pike Bldg. 38A, Room B2 N12 Bethesda, MD
(301) 496-5441
OD/All Of UsLopez-Ramirez, Rosayma6011 Executive Blvd. Suite 214 Rockville MD 594-0173
OD/EOFrimpong, Eno1 Center Dr., RM B310 Bethesda, MD 496-3818
OD/OCIO/ITPROSloper, Scott6555 Rock Spring Dr. (Fernwood Bldg) Bethesda, MD 480-5065
OD/OERBrining, Sheryl 6705 Rockledge Dr., Room 1009 Bethesda, MD 451-1763
OD/OIR/OTTLeahy, Timothy 6011 Executive Blvd. Suite 325 Rockville, MD 435-5170
OD/OIR/OTTRogers, Karen 6011 Executive Blvd. Suite 325 Rockville, MD 435-4359
OD/OM/OHRLaBella, Shirley 2115 East Jefferson St. Room 6201 Rockville, MD 496-2288
OD/OM/ORS/ORFCook, Karen Building 31, Room 2B37 Bethesda, MD 402-3570
OD/NIH InfoSecRatliff, Shaun6555 Rock Spring Drive Bethesda, MD 827-6119​​

Alternate Privacy Coordinators​







CCTodd, Chris
6555 Rock Spring Dr.,RM 3G-03  Bethesda, MD (301) 402-4445
NIH, OD & NIMHDClose, Dustin6705 Rockledge Dr., Room 601R  Bethesda, MD (301) 402-6469
NEILansiquot, Boniface6700B Rockledge Dr. Room 4230 Bethesda, MD 435-7294
NHGRIButler, Gloria31 Center Drive RM 4B 39J Bethesda, MD 20892gloriab 594-1061
NHLBIGheen, Valery6705 Rockledge Drive Room 6184 Bethesda, MD 496-9737
NIAJezioro, MaddieBuilding 31 Room 2C02 Bethesda, MD 827-3358
NIAAAFolkers, Jonathan5635 Fishers Lane RM 3065 Bethesda, MD 594-1293
NIAIDBunch, Michon
5601 Fishers Ln. Rm 2C11
Rockville, MD 20852
NIAMSClary, David31 Center Drive, RM 5B38 Bethesda, MD 496-8296
NIBIBAlbert, Roberta6707 Democracy Blvd. Room 202 Bethesda, MD 496-8610
NIBIBCantilena, Barbara31 Center Drive, RM 1C14 Bethesda, MD 496-8558
NICHDJamaldinian, Gina6710B Rockledge Dr., Room 3445C Bethesda, MD 633-7174
NIDAFriedman, Gregg6001 Executive Blvd., Room 4182 Bethesda, MD 827-4084
NIDCDYang, Amy31 Center Dr. Room RM 3C25C Bethesda, MD 402-1132
NIDDKCheng, Starsky31 Center Drive, Room 9H28 Bethesda, MD 827-5847
NIEHSReter, Roy530 Davis Dr. Keystn Bg, Room 3007 Durham, NC 287-3053
NIEHSJohnson, Shevon 530 Davis Dr. Room 3164 Durham, NC 287- 4534
NIGMSGonzalez, Claudia45 Center Dr., Room 3AN44A Bethesda, MD 594-2171
NIMHMeredith, Kristin6001 Executive Blvd. Room 6103 Bethesda, MD 433-3824
NLMLe, Vivian8600 Rockville Pike Bldg. 38A, Room B2 N12 Bethesda, MD 496-5441
OD/OERPearson, Katrina6705 Rockledge Dr., Room 641-G Bethesda, MD 435-2709
OD/OM/ORS/ORFBarreros, Tamara31 Center Dr. Room 2B37 Bethesda, MD 496-6319
OD/OM/ORS/ORF Woodson, Holly31 Center Dr. Room 2B37 Bethesda, MD 594-9520 ​

​Privacy Program

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