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​​​​​​​​​Division of Risk Management and Audit Liaison (RMAL)

Division of Risk Management and Audit Liaison (RMAL)

Facilitates and supports the NIH Risk Management Program and provides for the central coordination point for Office of Inspector General and Government Accountability​ Office reviews over NIH programs.

Division of Risk Management and Audit Liaison (RMAL)

The Division of Risk Management and Audit Liaison directs and oversees the management control function, including oversight for all NIH components and activities of potential concern under the Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act; assures that satisfactory action is taken to review activities required to improve NIH's ability to adequately and reasonably control its resources; directs or provides support to task forces and study groups addressing organization and management initiatives and issues; directs and oversees the NIH Risk Management program; provides for the central coordination of all OIG/GAO reviews (except for OIG criminal investigations); and conducts audit follow-up activities for reviews conducted by the OIG and GAO.


Additional Reference

  • NIH Manual Chapter 1750 Policy

    Outlines responsibilities for complying with the NIH Risk Management Program. The Risk Management Program establishes and outlines procedures for managing risks and for evaluating controls that improve programs and operations within the agency's extramural, intramural, and administrative components.

  • NIH Manual Chapter 1752 Policy

    Outlines responsibilities for assisting with Office of Inspector General (OIG), or Government Accountability Office (GAO) program audit reviews conducted at NIH and for responding to, and taking corrective action on OIG or GAO program audit findings and recommendations.


Contacting RMAL​

Risk Management and Audit Liaison

Director, Meredith Stein

National Institutes of Health

Office of Management Assessment

6705 Rockledge Blvd., Room 601, MSC 7901

Rockville, MD 20852​

Phone: (301) 496-2461

Fax: ​(301) 480-0169​

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