Manual Chapters

The NIH Policy Manual is comprised of individual Chapters for the purpose of establishing NIH-wide policy in a central, easy to find location for the NIH community.


Manual Chapters

The OD Office of Management Assessment (OMA) has responsibility to maintain the NIH Policy Manual repository (NIH Manual System) and official records, support the policy issuing office (IO) with developing, revising, or rescinding Chapters, coordinate the formal review and vetting process, and notify the NIH community through the NIH LISTSERV.

The Manual Chapter (MC) System is the official mechanism of issuing NIH-wide policy and procedures.

How to Submit Manual Chapters
The OMA issued NIH Policy Manual, Chapter 1710, NIH Manual System, in order to create a more streamlined submission process.  Please contact the NIH Directives Officer at (301) 496-2706 or, if you have any additional questions or comments.

Questions about a specific Chapter of the NIH Policy Manual
The IO is listed at the top of every Manual Chapter and normally includes a phone number.  If a number is not listed or you would like a point of contact identified for the issuing office,  you may check the MC contact list (below) or contact OMA for help.

Example Templates and Forms

Locating NIH Manual Chapters
Browse - Lists all Chapters of the NIH Policy Manual.

  • Rescinded Chapters will appear at the end of the list. 

Search - Query the NIH Manual System using keywords.

  • For help using search, click "help" to the right of "Search the NIH Manual" 

Updates - View a listing of Chapters released or rescinded within the last 7 to 60 days.


Additional Reference​​

Manual Chapter System Contacts

Manual Chapter Links​
Manual Chapters Laws, Policies, and Memoranda

Writing Tips and Examples from the Executive Secretariat​



To receive notification of future changes to Chapters of the NIH Policy Manual, please to to the NIH LISTSERVE web page and subscribe to the list entitled NIH-MANUAL-CHAPTERS.  




Contacting DMS

Manual Chapters

Program Lead, Scott Sloper

National Institutes of Health,

Office of Management Assessment

6011 Executive Blvd., Suite 601, MSC 7669

Rockville, MD 20852

Phone: (301) 496-4606 or (301) 496-2832

Fax: (301) 402-0169

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