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Organizational Changes

Organizational Changes – The NIH Organizational Change Program maintains the official organizational structure and functions for the NIH. Official actions include, establishing, abolishing, transferring, consolidating, revising the functions of, changing the title of, or realigning one or more organizational entities.


Organizational Changes

The NIH Organizational Change program maintains the official organizational structure and functions for NIH.  Our office:

  • Advises IC and OD offices on proposed organizational changes to identify the necessary requirements, approval authority and process for obtaining approval and processing an official organizational change;
  • Coordinates Significant organizational change packages approved by the Secretary;
  • Develops policy and procedures for NIH organizational changes;
  • Ensures compliance with legislative and policy requirements for organizational changes;
  • Provides training and tools to IC and OD offices on organizational change requirements, processes and procedures;
  • Processes all approved organizational changes within NIH; and
  • Maintains the official organizational charts, functional statements and standard administrative codes (SACs) for the NIH organization.


Additional References

NIH Organizational Charts and Functional Statements​
Organizational Change Laws, Policies, and Memoranda
IC and OD Organizational Change Coordinators (NIH Access Only)​
Scientific Management Review Board (SMRB)​


Pam Cery, NIH Organization Officer:
Organizational Changes Internal SharePoint Site:                   (NIH access only)


Contacting DMS

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Administrative Assistant, Trishma Smith-Winston

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