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​​​​​​​​​Delegations of Authority

Delegations of Authority - The Delegations of Authority Program provides assistance and policy guidance to NIH functional and program managers in the research, development, review, and issuance of all new and revised NIH Delegations of Authority.


Delegations of Authority System

Overview of the System

The Delegation of Authority (DOA) system is an electronic database that contains digital versions of NIH and IC-specific Delegations of Authority.  It allows authorized members of the NIH community the ability to view, add, edit, and run reports on their respective IC delegations (determined by access level).  OMA maintains the official records for all NIH-Level Delegations from the NIH Director, with the exception of those delegations records maintained by the Office of Human Resources.  IC Delegations must be maintained by the IC or OD DoA Coordinator responsible for Delegations of Authority in their respective IC or OD office.  The NIH Delegations of Authority system is located at: (NIH Access Only). 

The database provides NIH staff the ability to review NIH DoAs.  In addition, Institutes and Centers (ICs) maintain their respective delegations and redelegations within the database. 

Purpose of the System

The DoA system was designed to manage and maintain NIH-level Delegations.  ICs also use the database to manage their respective IC delegations in a central location.
The DoA system:

  • Creates a centralized repository for all NIH Delegations
  • Links to the NIH Delegations (OMA) website for dynamic updates
  • Enables OMA and ICs to manage DoAs
  • Enables OMA and ICs to generate reports
  • Allows DoAs to be electronically redelegated.
Access to the DOA Database

User permissions assigned by the NIH Delegations Officer grants users the ability to manage Delegations of Authority.  To request access to the DOA system, complete and submit the Access Request Form available at (NIH Access Only). 

The following access levels are granted as follows:

  • NIH Users - NIH employees are able to review and search NIH-level Delegations of Authority
  • IC Users - NIH employees that are able to review and search NIH-level Delegations of Authority and have access to view their respective IC/OD Delegations.
  • IC Coordinators - NIH employees that are responsible for the daily management of their respective IC or OD Delegations and can redelegate NIH-level Delegations as well as edit, and delete IC-specific delegations requested and approved by Senior IC or OD officials.

Additional Reference​

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Contacting DoA​

DoA Officer and Program Lead, LeRoy “Scott” Sloper

Management Operations Branch (MOB)

Chief, Pamala Cery

Division of Compliance Management (DCM)

Office of Management Assessment (OMA)

Office of Management (OM)

Office of the Director (OD)

6705 Rockledge Dr, Suite 601

Bethesda, MD 20892

Phone:(301) 496-4606

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