Records Management

Records Management – The NIH Records Management Program is responsible for planning, controlling, directing, organizing, training, promoting, and conducting other managerial activities involved with respect to records creation, records maintenance and use, and records disposition.


Records Liaisons

CC-Primary Tricia Coffey10 Center Dr 10/1N208 Bethesda, MD 496-2292
CSR-PrimaryChris Browne6701 Rockledge Drive RKL2/1114 Bethesda, MD 451-3216
FIC-Primary Marcia Smith31 Center Drive RM B2C05 Bethesda, MD 402-9046
FIC-AlternateYolanda Johnson16 Center Drive RM 118 Bethesda, MD 496-4625
NCI-AlternateFaye Raesly9609 Medical Center Drive 9609/2W404 Rockville, MD 276-6679
NCI-AlternateJimmy Mitchel9609 Medical Center 9609/2W446 Rockville, MD 276-6503
NCI-Primary LaKisha Bolden 9609 Medical Center Drive RM 2W412 Bethesda, MD 276-6829
NEI-Primary Trevor Peterson31 Center Drive 31/6A11 Bethesda, MD 496-4334
NHGRI-PrimaryGloria Butler31 Center Drive 31/B1C12 Bethesda, MD 594-1061
NHLBI-PrimaryValecia Winston 6705 Rockledge Dr RKL1/6176 Bethesda, MD 496-9737
NHLBI-AlternateWymer, Luke (NIH/NHLBI) [E]6705 Rockledge Drive RM 6181 Bethesda, MD 496-9737
NIA-PrimaryJohn Henderson31 Center Drive RM 2C02 Bethesda, MD 480-2401
NIA-AlternateNhi Flyod 443-8013
NIAAA-AlternateAmy Matush5635 Fishers Lane RM 3105 Rockville, MD 443-0469
NIAID-Primary Colleen Boyd5601 Fishers Lane 5601FL/2C40 Rockville, MD 627-3227
NIAMS-PrimarySharon Glass 31 Center Dr 31/5B38 Bethesda, MD 496-8296
NIBIB-PrimaryDiane Kreinbrink6707 Democracy Blvd 2DEM/222 Bethesda, MD 496-6852
NIBIB-AlternateAytaj Vily 6707 Democracy Blvd, 2DEM/215 Bethesda, MD 20892 383-8942
NICHD-Primary Tina Kelsey6710B Rockledge Drive 6710B/3312 Bethesda, MD 435-6538
NICHD-AlternatePaul Errett6710B Rockledge Drive Bethesda, MD 402-2082
NIDA-Altermate Darius Bickham6001 Executive Boulevard RM 5122 Rockville, MD 827-4072
NIDA-Primary Evelyn Anderson 443-8764
NIDCD-Primary David Rice 402-3059
NIDCD-AlternateChris Carlsen31 Center Drive RM 3C10 Bethesda, MD 451-7232
NIDCR-Primary Carol Lowe31 Center Drive RM 2C39 Bethesda, MD 402-7341
NIDDK-PrimaryKelly Yager31 Center Drive RM 9A28 Bethesda, MD 594-3056
NIEHS-AlternateNancy Powell530 Davis Drive RM 1032 Durham, NC 541-0919
NIEHS-Primary Marcus Bell530 Davis Drive RM 1034 Durham, NC 541-2605
NIGMS-Primary Darlene Lee45 Center Drive RM 3AN.44A Bethesda, MD 435-8833
NIMH-Primary Claro Yu6001 Executive Blvd NSC/7163 Rockville, MD 435-8068
NIMHD-Primary Kimberly Allen6707 Democracy Boulevard 2DEM/800 Bethedsa, MD 594-2674
NIMHD-AlternateCarlene Neil-Allman 435-0872
NINDS-AlternateTiffany Kittrell31 Center Drive RM 8A24 Bethesda, MD 435-4959
NINDS-AlternateDvonte Putney31 Center Drive RM 8A52 Bethesda, MD 435-5281
NINR-PrimaryDebra Thangarajah31 Center Drive 31/5B13P Bethesda, MD 594-1398
NINR-AlternateSander Moore31 Center Drive 31/5B13A Bethesda, MD 451-4219
NLM-Primary David Sharlip8600 Rockville Pike 38A/B2N12A Bethesda, MD 496-5441
NLM-AlternateVivian Le8600 Rockville Pike 38A/B2N12A1 Bethesda, MD 827-6328
OD/CCR-Alternate David Michael31 Center Dr 31/2B63 Bethesda, MD 594-7231
OD/EDI-AlternateChristeenna Iraheta2 Center Drive 2/3W24D Bethesda, MD 402-5916
OD/EO-Primary Portia Baker-Andrews2 Center Drive 2/4W23A Bethesda, MD 594-8235
OD/EO-AlternateSheria Washington2 Center Drive RM 4E14 Bethesda, MD 594-8233
OD/ES-Alternate Richard Mandel1 Center Drive RM B155 Bethesda, MD 496-3969
OD/ES-Primary Leslie Twyman1 Center Drive 1/B1-46 Bethesda, MD 496-3960
OD/ES-Alternate Kevin Porter1 Center Drive RM B155 Bethesda, MD 496-1461
OD/IMOD-AlternateBelinda Cowling2 Center Drive 2/4W17 Bethesda, MD 594-8241
OD/NEO-Alternate David Harris2 Center Drive RM BE16 Bethesda, MD 402-6628
OD/OAR-Primary Betina Orezzoli-Froehlich 435-5039
OD/OAR-Alternate Robin Kawazoe (301) 402-9852
OD/OBSSR-Primary Betina Orezzoli-Froehlich (301) 435-5039
OD/OCIO-Primary Sandra King6555 Rock Spring Drive FERN/3NE44C Bethesda, MD 402-4460
OD/OCPL-Primary Jason Plummer (301) 594-6058
OD/ODP-Primary Betina Orezzoli-Froehlich (301) 435-5039
OD/OFACP-AlternateSharron Hamilton2 Center Dr 2/4W05B Bethesda, MD 594-8275
OD/OIR-Primary Laura Evans 594-3723
OD/OIR-AlternateLionell Davis (301) 433-7837
OD/OHSRP-Primary Laura Evans (301) 594-3723
OD/OIR/ONHM-AlternateBarbara Faye Harkins1 Cloister Court RM 265 Bethesda, MD 496-8856
OD/OLPA-Primary Thuy Vo1 Center Drive RM 242 Bethesda, MD 496-3471
OD/OM-AlternateGail Allen1 Center Drive RM 102 Bethesda, MD 496-3271