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Records Management

Records Management – The NIH Records Management Program is responsible for planning, controlling, directing, organizing, training, promoting, and conducting other managerial activities involved with respect to records creation, records maintenance and use, and records disposition.


Records Management Record Keeping

Agencies must create and preserve adequate and proper documentation of agency activities in designated recordkeeping systems to support operational needs, protect rights, and allow accountability. To ensure complete documentation, records, including those generated electronically with office automation applications, should include:

  • Proper identification of originators;
  • Proper identification of recipients;
  • Appropriate dates; and
    Any other information needed by the agency to meet its business needs.
  • Records generated with an office automation application must be copied to a recordkeeping system where they will be maintained for as long as they are needed by the Government.
In accordance with Federal Regulations, an NIH records management system must include, at a minimum, the following capabilities:
  • Include complete identification documentation, including: originators, recipients, appropriate dates and other information necessary for agency business requirements;
  • Be capable of organizing and indexing records to properly preserve, retrieve, use, and dispose;
  • Be accessible to all appropriate staff;
  • Distinguish records from non-record material and personal papers;
  • Be able to apply the records disposition schedule.


Additional Reference

National Archives and Records Administration​ General Rules​
​​ 1742 – Transfer, Withdrawal and Destruction of Records at the Washington National Records Center
​​ 1743 - Keeping & Destroying Records
​​ 1744 – Essential/Vital Records Program​​​​

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