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Records Management

Records Management – The NIH Records Management Program is responsible for planning, controlling, directing, organizing, training, promoting, and conducting other managerial activities involved with respect to records creation, records maintenance and use, and records disposition.

Records Management Policy

36 CFR Chapter XII Subchapter B – Records Management, specifies policies for Federal agencies’ records management programs relating to proper records certain and maintenance, adequate documentation, and records disposition.  Topics addressed in Subchapter B include:


Subchapter B -- Records Management
Subpart 1220 — Federal Records; General
Subpart 1222 — Creation and Maintenance of Federal Records
Subpart 1223 — Managing Vital Records
Subpart 1224 — Records Disposition Programs
Subpart 1225 — Scheduling Records
Subpart 1226 — Implementing Disposition
Subpart 1227 — General Records Schedules
Subpart 1228 — Loan of Permanent and Unscheduled Records
Subpart 1229 — Emergency Authorization to Destroy Records
Subpart 1230 — Unlawful or Accidental Removal, Defacing, Alteration, or Destruction of Records
Subpart 1231 — Transfer of Records From the Custody of One Executive Agency to Another
Subpart 1232 — Transfer of Records to Records Storage Facilities
Subpart 1233 — Transfer, Use, and Disposition of Records in a NARA Federal Records Center
Subpart 1234 — Facility Standards for Records Storage Facilities
Subpart 1235 — Transfer of Records to the National Archives of the United States
Subpart 1236 — Electronic Records Management
Subpart 1237 — Audiovisual, Cartographic, and Related Records Management
Subpart 1238 — Microforms Records Management
Subpart 1239 — Program Assistance and Inspections​​


Contacting DMS

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