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A Records Schedule provides mandatory instructions for the disposition of the records (including the transfer of permanent records and disposal of temporary records) when they are no longer needed by the agency. It is also sometimes called:
  • Records Disposition Schedule;
  • Records Retention Schedule; or
  • Schedule
Record Schedules
The NIH agency records schedules provide mandatory disposition and destruction guidance.  Approved by NARA, the schedules provide instruction for research, program and administrative records.  
Records Storage And Maintenance Facilities
Washington National Records Center (WNRC)
The WNRC provides records management services to Federal agencies in the region.  Services include storage, retrieval, destruction, retention/archival systems for Federal Records.  In addition to the WNRC, NARA maintains the Federal Records Center which safeguards permanent records.   Also contains the referred to as the Federal Records Center (FRC), provide temporary storage and also reference service for records that are needed infrequently by the creating agency but are not yet eligible for disposal or transfer to the National Archives. Records stored in a Federal Records Center remain in the legal custody of the creating agency.
National Archives And Records Administration (NARA)
NARA not only stores Federal records, they also issue regulations, provide guidance and assistance to Federal agencies, establish standards for records retention, develop and approve federal records schedules and appraisal process, maintain the Federal Register.  When transferring permanent records to the National Archives, agencies also transfer legal custody of the records. The National Archives takes conservation measures needed to preserve the records and also provides reference service, including service to the creating agency.

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