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 NIH Privacy Program

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NIH Office of the Senior Official for Privacy (OSOP)
The OSOP is located the Office of the Director (OD), Office of Management (OM), Office of Management Assessment (OMA), Division of Management Support (DMS).  The OSOP:
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  • Responds to requests for records submitted under the Privacy Act;
  • Coordinates privacy-related activities;
  • Develops privacy policy and procedures;
  • Develops privacy awareness training;
  • Communicates evolving Federal privacy requirements to staff;
  • Reports on privacy compliance; and
  • Oversees privacy incident response efforts and activities.

The OSOP staff cooperate and collaborate with the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and Office of General Counsel (OGC) as well as other key stakeholders (i.e., ISSOs, System Owners/Managers, Record Liaisons, Risk Management Officers, OMB Project Clearance Liaisons, Web Managers, Communication Directors, Training Coordinators). 

The IC Privacy Coordinator serves as the liaison between staff and the OSOP on general privacy issues which affect the Institute/Center.  They:
  • Maintain an awareness of privacy laws and regulations;
  • Advise IC staff on privacy issues;
  • Foster the adoption of privacy policy and procedures;
  • Distribute privacy news blasts;
  • Ensure websites maintain current privacy policies;
  • Respond to requests for records under the Privacy Act;
  • Resolve privacy incidents/breaches;
  • Respond to quarterly and annual FISMA data calls;
  • Ensure completion of privacy awareness training;
  • Review PIAs on IT systems and TPWAs;
  • Participate in the publication of SOR notices; and,
  • Attend the Privacy Coordinator Group meetings.



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It's here!  Yammer, the innovative collaboration tool has arrived for NIH use. 

To sign up for Yammer, contact Sandra Scarbrough, OD/OM/OSPA at  After the account is created, visit and log on with your email address to locate the network.  Create your profile. read the Acceptable Use Policy, join the Privacy Matters public group and download the Yammer 101 document to learn the tips on how to Yammer at NIH.


 Contact the NIH Privacy Program


โ€‹NIH Senior Official for Privacy: Karen Plรก

National Institutes of Health
6011 Executive Blvd, Suite 601
Rockville, Maryland 20892-7669
Phone: 301-451-3426
Fax: 301-402-0169
Privacy Yammer Groups (Privacy Matters and Privacy Professionals)

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 NIH Electronic Lists

Visit the NIH ListServ website ( to subscribe to the following lists:
  • PRIVACY-L (for IC Privacy Coordinators)
  • PRIVACY_NEWS-L (for NIH staff interested in receiving news related to privacy)
  • NSAT-L (for NIH staff who conduct Privacy Impact Assessments and Security Accreditation & Authorization Packages)

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